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Elevating Industries

Where Excellence Meets Distinction

Welcome to Chementry Inc., a pioneering force in the realm of chemical distribution and supply. With an unwavering dedication spanning over two decades, we have consistently set the standard for delivering exceptional quality, unparalleled service, and unwavering commitment to excellence to industries across the US and Canada.

Quality & Safety

The Pillars of Our Endeavors

At Chementry Industries, quality and safety are the bedrock of our ethos. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is underpinned by stringent adherence to industry-leading standards. Certified Warehouses in IL, NJ, CA, and GA underscore our unyielding commitment to upholding the integrity and safety of every product coursing through our supply chain.

Environmental Sustainability

Pioneering a Greener Horizon

We recognize the critical importance of a sustainable future. While we partner with a diverse array of manufacturers, each with varying degrees of sustainability documentation, Chementry Industries remains committed to prioritizing quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our manufacturing partners adhere to ISO 9001, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher standards. We continually collaborate to ensure the well-being of both people and the environment, striving for sustainable conditions in every aspect.

Social Responsibility

Nurturing Diversity, Enriching Lives

Beyond commerce, we are champions of social progress. As a Certified Minority Supplier, our dedication to inclusivity is paramount. We recognize the transformative power of a socially responsible approach in fostering stronger businesses and communities. At Chementry, we are committed to enriching lives on every front.

High-Quality Products

Setting Elevated Benchmarks

Chementry Industries is synonymous with quality elevated to new heights. Our profound collaborations with eminent manufacturers enable us to curate a product portfolio that meets the exacting demands of diverse industries. From FCC/USP/Medical Grade to NF/Non-GMO essentials, our commitment to excellence is non-negotiable.

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Your Time, Our Commitment

In the pulse-pounding rhythm of industries, timeliness reigns supreme. Our global manufacturing alliances and strategically situated warehouses ensure punctual delivery that aligns with your operational cadence. We are acutely aware that your triumph hinges on timely provisions, and we're here to fuel your success.

Value for Money

Redefining Economic Prudence

Your investments merit respect, and we deliver on that understanding. Powered by strategic partnerships with premier suppliers and logistics stalwarts, we provide unrivaled value across every facet of our solution. Chementry Industries is a testament that cost-effectiveness can harmoniously coexist with the uncompromising quality and reliability you deserve.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

Beyond the Transaction

Our commitment resonates far beyond the point of delivery. Our after-sales support is comprehensive, assuring that your experience with our products is a seamless continuum. From troubleshooting to ongoing guidance, our partnership endures, ensuring your satisfaction remains resolute.

Our Vision and Mission

Forging a Path of Impact

Vision: To emerge as the unrivaled global leader in chemical distribution, catalyzing industries' success and transforming businesses into stress-free, smooth operations.

Mission: Chementry Inc. is steadfast in its mission to equip industries with unparalleled ingredient distribution services, elevating enterprises through unmatched quality, agile support, and enduring collaborations.





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